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Modular kitchen is designed to suit individual taste and preference as well as the available space in any home, the modular kitchen set has now become a ubiquitous feature.

Modular kitchen systems consist of standardised units pre-fabricated in a huge array of materials, available in varied hues and with a neat finishing. They come in different price ranges and thus, very easily fit into the budget of people wanting a modular kitchen system. A regular modular kitchen system will generally consist of standardised units for the floor and wall. The units are usually deep to house electrical appliances and kitchen utensils of varied shapes and sizes.

If your cooking area is completely bare and during construction no counters have been made then you can opt for a box type kitchen. The box type is completely modular and contains everything which includes counter, cabinet, shutters and pullouts.

On the other hand if the builder has already provided counters and sink then you will need to work around that to get a modular unit. This will save you on overall cost of modular framework but you can go for parts like cabinet shutters, shelves and pullouts.

Many brands have fittings, shutters, drawers and other parts in fixed sizes. This works well in box type kitchens as the counter height can be adjusted. But for those where the counter is already built the parts should be able to customise so as to fit accordingly. Else you should go for custom built option.

Things To Look Into

Shape And Layout

Modular kitchens come with a few options in terms of layout.


An island gives a luxury look to the kitchen but its layout typically involves more space than is available in a small kitchen. This plan which is more suited to medium sized kitchens may still give you some ideas that you can include into your final kitchen design.  


A straight kitchen is a single line of cabinets. As the name suggests, a galley is normally long and narrow. however, the design can function as a well-organised and sleek kitchen. It’s best to split the cooking and sink area with ends of work surface. This design still gives plenty of storage space and it can suit busy cooks who like everything close to hand you may include either glassy wall units or open shelving to prevent the room from feeling hemmed in. It´ll create a sense of space and open up the design.


With cabinets along two opposite walls, a parallel kitchen offers more storage space, such as spread out depths and cabinet heights. This can provide great options for a variety of cooking activities and storage , as well as preventing your kitchen room feeling like a corridor.


A practical and popular layout that offers good storage and ergonomics, and provides a very effective working triangle. It works efficiently in small kitchens and in a larger room allows space for a dining table, so it´s good for families and entertaining.


An effective U-Shaped layout typically involves more space than is available in a small kitchen. This plan which is more suited to medium sized kitchens may still give you some ideas that you can incorporate into your final kitchen design.



An extremely durable and waterproof plywood, its endurance to water exposure makes it ideal for kitchen use. The high-grade ply is known for its structural strength and resistance to expansion or contraction with change in temperature and moisture.

1)UV Coated board-Ultra Violet Coating is an Acrylic adhesive based decorative lacquer which is cured by Ultra Violet rays in a series of closed chambers. (For detailed info please go to material guide)

2) Poly acrylic high gloss board-An Poly High Gloss MDF Boards have  a near mirror quality surface (just like a glass mirror) and are very easy to install and clean (using soft wet cloth). Poly High Gloss MDF Boards are having natural colour and unique design.(For detailed info please go to material guide)

3) Laminates-Our High Pressure Laminate offering from Merino includes matt, glossy, ultra high gloss, and moisture resistant options, all being the best in class. Heat resistant with antibacterial properties, they are an ideal choice for kitchens. Using high pressure, the laminate of your choosing is pressed in factories with high precision using automated machinery. With our attention to detail, matching edges bring out an outstanding beauty.

4) PU Lacquered -  Essentially a plastic in the form of a liquid until it dries, polyurethane is available in both water- and oil-based options, and comes in varieties from satin to glossy. Polyurethane is popular because of its low odor and low toxicity. It goes on clear without adding a slight color that oil-based versions can, and it dries much faster. polyurethane won't hold up well to heat and chemicals. It's good for Kitchen panels, bookcases, desks, side tables and picture frames — anything that won't be exposed to extremes.

Cabinet Interior

We provide three different kind of material which are all engineered from wood

MARINE GRADE BWR PLY - An extremely durable and waterproof plywood, its endurance to water exposure makes it ideal for kitchen use. The high-grade ply is known for its structural strength and resistance to expansion or contraction with change in temperature and moisture.

HDF - A material especially developed for high-quality kitchens, the high density fibreboard exhibits the same properties as plywood, all at a substantially lower cost. The high moisture resistant top-coat makes it waterproof, while heat and termite resistance makes it a popular choice

MDF-Medium density fiberboard, a composite engineered wood, is known for its strength and consistency, resulting in smooth edges — perfect especially for cabinet doors (shutters). Comes with high moisture resistant top-coat, it boasts a superior surface finish, ideal for laminates and paints.

Things To Consider

Accessories And Units

You invest in good quality shutter hinges and drawer channels so that they do not get spoilt in monsoons.

For drawers that shut on the lightest touch, get hydraulic hinges, which have a smooth mechanism. Smooves (a type of hinge) have a similar mechanism but are of a higher quality. They are slightly more expensive but worth every penny

You could also opt for 90 degree hinges for regular cabinets. 165 degree hinges are ideal for corner cabinets under L-shaped platforms. They make cabinets with folding doors easier to open and help easier access.

Blumotion channels close at feather touch but never bang shut. So you won't have to worry about your kids closing the drawers roughly.

Telescopic channels too are very useful. They allow the drawer to open fully so you don't have to struggle when you need that pickle jar at the back of the cabinet.

Avoid bottom-mounted channels, as the drawers with such channels do not open fully. At least 4 to 6 inches of the drawer remains inside. The first thing that comes in our mind is that how we should start planning our modular kitchen as it is the heart of your home. it is advised to first understand the utilities of the modular kitchen accessories as there is no dearth of options available in the market, such as modular kitchen appliances, furniture pieces, pullout trays, cabinets, drawers, etc.It will save your unnecessary expenses and make your kitchen design more meaningful. Achieve the kitchen of your dreams with a bit of careful planning.Looking for tips and ideas to design modular kitchen in your new flat? There are many benefits of having a modular kitchen. It gives you plenty of space for storage which is a must when we have limited space in our flats. To design modular kitchen, it’s important to plan everything well in advance and decide whether you want an open kitchen or traditional one with closed doors? What kind of dining arrangement fits your need is also important.

Base units or under counter units – These units are used for storing large, heavy or seldom used kitchen equipment.Base units are

AJ Interioz caters to large range of base units Wall mounted units – Wall mounted have small depth so worktops beneath them can be used without hindrance. They allow crockery to be reached without bending

Tall Units – Full height cupboards are suitable for storing cleaning materials , brooms etc. they can also house refrigerator or microwave

Mid High Units

An elevated unit, levelled at the centre of your backsplash — with the top and sides matching your countertop material — it can not only house built-in oven or microwave or both, but important drawers and shelves as well. A unique design feature for your kitchen, it adds to the aesthetics and also becomes an elevated counter for display, arranging condiment jars in the open or serving


Chimney: Modular kitchen chimneys are very useful rather than acting just as a showpiece. They tend to keep your kitchen free from all the steam, smoke, oil and other vapours

Why you should go for Modular Kitchens ?

-We always want a eye-catching kitchen, whether at a party or a house viewing. Well-designed kitchens stir strong feelings and make homes more saleable and increases the value of the property.

-Modular kitchens are easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble. The whole kitchen can be shifted whenever you move.You can also get it repaired or altered again for the new space.

-Modular kitchens are available in gazillions of colors and patterns. You can pick the one that goes well with the overall look of your home.

Give your kitchen a personalised touch with us

The biggest advantage of modular kitchens is that you can personalise your kitchen space based on your need, requirement, taste and lifestyle. Without hiking up costs, you can choose a style that looks elegant in the kitchen space and saves your energy. Things that you need on a regular basis can be well-placed within reach in open racks, trays, and shelves.

We can help you search the best interior designer for kitchens, in your city. Just request us for quotes in our website.

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